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Sustainability in the office

Sustainability is the key component in a smart office design. The choices in the interiors and build make all the difference. Using materials that may look the part but not last long will serve no purpose to an office in the long run. Then there is the cost effectiveness of having a sustainable design, and the positive factor in using reusable materials in the office furniture, flooring and smart lighting.

There are small changes you can start making.

Use eco-friendly materials: As a starting point to achieve a sustainable office interior design, start with replacing all utilities and amenities with those that are made of renewable or recycled materials. It is possible to pick material that will conserve the environment without diminishing the aesthetic aspect of the décor or any furniture of your office space.

Use your windows: Fresh air and sunlight are highly underrated in their contribution towards making a positive influence on the overall health and well-being of all your office.

Make space: Make your organisational skills your ally, and design your office space in an artful manner to accommodate all the essentials, while eliminating clutter.

Eco Friendly Lighting and Furniture: Nobody flourishes under harsh lighting or the unnatural glare it emits. Use eco friendly LED lighting and harmless eco-friendly furniture.

Go Paperless: Try to limit unnecessary printing. In the modern office, printing is no longer a necessity. Some ideas to limit paper use include sending all memos/announcements by email and using a cloud storage for file sharing.

Ditch the Plastic: Swap out your single-use plastic cups or water bottles and instead bring in a reusable water bottle. You could also consider ordering branded company water bottles so that the entire office can join in!

Recycling bins: This tip may seem obvious but if recycling facilities and options are not made easy an apparent for employees, they are less likely to use them. Make sure your office has clearly labelled and easy-to-find recycling bins.

Use non-toxic cleaning products: Many standard office cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that can harm the environment. Consider asking your cleaning company to use green products or switch to one that does.

Limit heating and cooling: While it may seem impossible to find the perfect office temperature setting to satisfy all employees, making a few small changes such as turning the thermostat off overnight and instituting a casual dress code in summer months can really help keep costs down.

Un-Plug It: Remembering to turn off all computers, printers/copiers, and other electronics that do not need to be left on at the end of the day can help reduce energy usage. Computers can be set to energy efficient settings with monitors set to shut off periods of no use.

Implementing even just a few of these small changes in your office can make a big impact on your business sustainability. Of course, you can always contact us should you wish to learn more on sustainable office designs.


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