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Office design trends in 2021

Last year we saw major shifts in workplace culture, which has resulted in a number of interesting office design trends for 2021.

When creating an office space design there is a lot to consider in terms of functionality, without compromising on the design. Following on from the Covid-19 pandemic, there are even more factors to consider, with flexible working hours on the rise, pushing the boundaries of the traditional 9-5 working day.

This year there is likely to be a shift towards new ways of working, with greater focus on employee wellbeing, social distancing measures and flexible working routines. In this blog we have looked at what trends are likely to be big throughout 2021.

Office open space

Office open space interior design

Even though open space has been a growing trend for several years, it looks set to be one of the most important design features for workspaces in 2021.

Ideal for social distancing, open space offices are also ideal for creating collaborative workspaces. By encouraging social interaction, open space can increase communication across departments, encouraging individuals to collaborate and improve productivity, skills growth, and company culture – all of which deliver improved wellbeing and business results.

Larger, more open spaces also allow you to move away from a traditional office that only features banks of desks. You can utilise the space to create breakout areas, different types of meeting rooms, social spaces and to include custom design features that reflect your brand. The options are truly endless.

Bring nature inside

Office open space interior design

Office plants are not a new thing, but the drive for improved employee wellbeing will likely only push this trend further. Rather than the odd desk plant or artificial plants to add some colour, companies are set to experimenting with different ways of incorporating nature into their offices. Living feature walls, plant partitions, seating with fish or plant life incorporated and indoor office gardens are growing in popularity.

Plants are known to improve air quality, which is a big plus in offices that tend to get quite stuffy. This can help to reduce illnesses associated with poor air quality, while greenery can have a positive impact on employee mood.

Office flexibility

Covid-19 has resulted in a higher rate of remote working. This flexibility must be reflected in office design going forward for companies to be able to react to changing employee requirements.

2021 is set to see a shift away from more structured office spaces as more informal workplaces become the norm.

Working with the trend for more open spaces, this increased flexibility could mean a mix between permanent and ad-hoc workspaces as companies utilise hotdesking in response to people working from home. Meeting rooms are set to give way to open breakout areas. Temporary partitions are set to create individual spaces when they are required rather than permanently breaking up offices.

Office leisure areas

This is definitely a growing trend for this year. Leisure areas in an office can include relaxed seating, games consoles, books, pool tables and more. All of these can help you create an interesting office design that show the business as a modern brand but also helps create a casual work environment.

With employee burnout being a current big issue, looking at how you can reduce stress and anxiety in the workplace through design, as well as policy changes, could improve the health of your staff.

However, while leisure areas are a great idea, you need to ensure that they are practical. Too many workspaces fall because their leisure area has been placed front and centre to make a good impression. For this trend to work it needs to be function over design. Creating a separate part of your office that encourages people to move away from their typical workspace and means that people are not distracted when working will ensure your company enjoys the benefits of this office trend.

Office sustainable design

Sustainability is more important than ever as consumers increasingly choose companies that showcase their sustainable business practices. This is set to be a very important factor in 2021.

Eco-friendly office design is an excellent way for demonstrating business sustainability commitments. Sustainable materials, reducing energy consumption and waste management are all becoming more common features.

If you are planning to transform your office environment this year to reflect the changes taking place, then make sure to get in touch and benefit from our years of experience in intelligent space planning and award-winning interior design.

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