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Modern office design trends

Office interior design trends have evolved over the past few years. Office space that no longer encourages creativity or allow employees to be comfortable are no longer the norm. Today’s office space needs to offer employees with a pleasant and nurturing experience.

New office trends are growing, helping to keep employees happy, energised, and more productive after a tough few years.

Flexible office space

Flexible office space needs to be non-restrictive. They allow employees to work in different areas of the office instead of being stuck at their desks or cubicles all day long.

If employees need some quiet time to really focus on a certain task, they can move to a quiet corner or soundproofed meeting room to get their work done. Offering employees the freedom to move around is great for their health, motivation and productivity.

Collaborative furniture

Collaborative workspace furniture is a design trend that is growing in popularity.

Collaboration is a major part of any business, and having furniture that encourages and facilitates it is a big bonus point.

Freestanding media units, for example, allow employees to quickly meet and project their work onto a screen. Acoustic pods are great for uninterrupted meetings. Also consider large meeting desks that are equipped with power outlets, task lighting, adjustable height options, and data sockets.

Integration of technology

Technology is set to play a primary role in a modern office environment. In today's virtual world, offices need the right equipment to keep up with technological advancements. A well-set-up office helps employees work smarter, faster, and way more efficiently.

Many offices are now opting for laptops instead of desktops, giving their employees the freedom to work from anywhere. It is important to consider power outlets that need to be readily available around the office, video conferencing technology, screens for presentations, wireless charging stations, data ports, smartboards, all to facilitate smart working.

Comfortable work areas

Uncomfortable chairs and being stuck at a desk for eight hours a day is just not going to work anymore. If you want to create a space that fosters creativity and increases overall employee satisfaction, you need to make it more comfortable, more like home.

Think about comfortable seating areas where employees can lounge on a sofa and get work done on their laptops. Also recreational areas where employees can take a break and recharge.

We are expert in office interior design, refurbishments and space planning. If you want to make the most of your space then make sure to give us a ring!


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