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FAQs on Office Design

We have rounded up some of the frequently asked questions when it comes to office design.

1. How do I stop my office designs becoming outdated?

Staff are more likely to be motivated to spent time in the workspace if it’s a modern, comfortable and inspiring environment. Ways in which you can prevent your office designs from becoming outdated are using a personal style, related to your business or avoiding jumping on every trend that may not necessarily work for your team / business.

2. How long does the design stage take?

The length of the office design stage depends on the size of the project and how quickly your team can feedback on the concepts presented. The faster the communication, the less time the whole process takes.

3. What is the best way to include our brand in the office design?

Consideration should be given to what you want the whole space to say about the business and what messages, such as company values, you want to communicate. Choosing your brand colour scheme to decorate the space with, and having your logo present are important but equally are ways to personalise the space so its instantly recognisable.

4. How do we keep employees engaged with the changes we are making to the office?

Make sure that you communicate any changes that will be going ahead, in good time, so that they can process the new information and have time to ask questions.

5. Do we have to include our branding in our office design?

Not if you don’t want to. However, your office space can be a valuable marketing tool, using the space to communicate your brand to both your staff and visiting customers can work to your advantage.

6. Can my office furniture be reused?

Yes, we can re-use your office furniture in your design if they still serve the new purpose of the space. We can however also help you source new sustainable furniture if required.

7. What is green office design?

A green office considers its impact on the environment. Today’s green office goes beyond installing a recycling bin. It explores new ways of lowering emissions and what energy saving solutions can be incorporated into the design to reduce the workplaces overall impact on the environment. A green office design would make the most sustainable choice as possible throughout the space.

With over 50 years of experience, our team is ready to tackle any office space, helping businesses nationwide to create environments that suit their requirements exactly.


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